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Bihar State Water & Sanitation Mission (BSWSM) is nodal agency for implementation of total Sanitation Campaign & Swajaldhara in the state of Bihar
As per para 2.2 la of Restructural central sponsored rural sanitation programme guidelines (RCRSP) under Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission GOL, New Delhi; Bihar state water & sanitation mission is to be constituted which will be a registered society.
For this purpose, approval on constitution of BSWSM and its registration was given by Apex committee the government Body in its meeting on 7th oct. 2004 and by executive of the BSWSM in its meeting on 22nd sept. 2004.
It is in this connection a resolution has taken to register BSWSM
Enclosure: certified copy of proceeding of  apex   committee and Executive committee.
Chief Engineer (urban) cum Member Secretary,
Executive committee, 
Secretary PHED cum Member Secretary,
The name of the society will be “Bihar State Water & Sanitation mission” ( BSWSM) hereinafter referred to as “State Mission”.
The registered office of the society shall be at Patna.
Address :- Bihar State Water & Sanitation Mission, P.H.E.D Building, Vishweshvaraiya  Bhawan, Baily Road, Patna – 15.
Registered Office
The registered office of the society shall be at Patna. Address :- Bihar State Water & Sanitation Mission, P.H.E.D Building, Vishweshvaraiya Bhawan, Baily Road, Patna – 15.
The Governing Body and Executive Body of Bihar State Water and Sanitation Mission
(i)  The Official members will hold office as ex-officio members.
(ii) The non-official members will hold office in the Mission as members for a period of 3 (three) years. They may       be re-nominated by the competent authority.
(iii) The Governing Body may from time to time nominate any official of the Government as member of the       mission.
Termination of ex-officio Membership
Where a person becomes a Member of the State Mission by virtue of the office or Appointment, which he/she hols, his/her Membership of the State Mission shall stand terminated when he/she ceases to hold that office or appointment.
Termination of membership of others
Membership of other than ex-officio Members, shall stand terminated on the happening of any of the following events:-
(i)  On the expiry of the period of Membership for which nominated;
(ii) Death, resignation, insolvency, lunacy or conviction for a criminal offence Involving moral turpitude;
(iii) When a member does not attend three- consecutive meetings without proper leave of absence.
Power / Functions of the office bearers
A. Chairman
(i)  The Chairman will preside over all meetings of Governing Body
(ii) The Chairman shall have overall powers of supervision, direction and control over all affairs of the Mission       and the functioning of the office bearers.
(iii) The Chairman may invite such persons other than the members of the Governing Body to the meetings of the       GB as he thinks proper for Specialized inputs and expertise.
(iv) For Executive Body, the Chairman, EB and in his/ her absence the Member Secretary, EB will preside over the       meetings.

B. Member Secretary
(i)  All executive and financial power of the mission shall vest on the Member Secretary who shall be responsible       for the planning ; implementation and monitoring of activities as would be guided and decided by the       mission.
(ii) Will exercise and discharge such other duties as may be delegated to the Secretary by the Mission.
(iii) Will convene the meetings of the Governing Body and record the minutes of the proceedings.
(iv) Will remain in overall charge of planning , implementation and monitoring of all activities of the Mission.
(v) Remain in overall charge of the funds of the Mission and open and operate the Mission’s accounts in the       Banks
Power / Functions of the Mission
A. Governing Body (i) Overall policy guidance & Co-ordination of programmes implemented by the District      WATSAN missions / Zila Parishads. (ii) To ensure co-ordination with various departments, agencies and      convergence of different activities related to water supply & sanitation in rural areas. (iii) To approve and      sanction the Annual Plan, Budget and Audited Accounts. (iv) Make, alter and amend the objectives, rules and      regulations by laws of the Mission, constitute committees from time to time as and when considered      necessary for effective execution of the programmes and schemes. (v) Delegate powers and function to the      employees committees and the consultants of the missions.

B. Executive Body : Subject to the general control and supervision of the Government Body, (i) Implement the       policies / decision of the Government Body. (ii) Interact with GOI/RGNDWM and support the implementation of       directly implement, various Rural Water Supply and Sanitation schemes and other related activities as well        as programmes funded by external donors like DFID, UNICEF, DANIDA etc. (iii) Liaise & Co-ordinate with       various line departments, State Govt. & other sector partners and ensuring participation of the SHGs and the       communities in different projects. (iv) Identify, mobilize NGO’s to undertake work as per schemes notified by       the Department of Rural Development.This would include providing technical assistance,guidance and       training. (v) Ensure establishment and constitution of Missions in the District Level and Panchayat Level. (vi)       Ensue  opening of separate Bank account at District Level and Panchayat Level. (vii) Organise meeting/       Workshop/ Study tours/ Seminars with involvement of all concerned prepare IEC/ Publicity materials for       Sanitation and   Sector reforms projects and other related activities. (viii) To promote adoption of demand       driven & participatory approach, service delivery maximizing empowerment of villagers in decision making on       the choice of service levels. (ix) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the schemes by the various       agencies  including NGO’s. (x) Consider and approve the annual accounts ensuring proper auditing of the       expenditure by completent authority. (xi) Undertake any other activities that are consistent with the aims &       objectives of the  Mission.
Meeting of the Mission
(i) The Governing Body/ Executive Body of the Mission shall meet as often as may be considered necessary for       the transaction of the business of the mission, provided that the Governing Body shall meet at least once in 6       (Six) months and Executive Body shall meet at least once in 3 ( Three) months. (ii) The meeting of the       Mission shall be held at such date and time as may be fixed by the Member Secretary in consulation with the       Chairman. (iii) At least one week notice shall be given for convening a meeting an extra ordinary meeting       may, however, be called at a shorter notice.
Quorum : The quorum for a meeting will be 5 (five) members provided that at least Chairman and Member       Secretary shall be present in the meeting.
Emergency power of the Chairman and Member Secretary
Nothing in these rules and regulation shall prevent the Chairman and Member Emergencies for furtherance of the objectives of the mission and action taken shall be Reported to the mission in the next Governing Body.
Proceedings of the meeting
(i)  All business of the mission as far as possible will be recorded as proceeding of the Mission. (ii) All disputed      questions shall be determined by majority votes. Each member shall have one vote and in case of equality of      votes the Chairman shall have a second casting vote. (iii) The Proceeding of the meeting of the miision shall      be circulated to all members.
 Remuneration of Chairman and Members
All official members including the Chairman shall not be entitled to any    allowance or other remuneration. The non-official members will be reimbursed the TA and DA cost as may be approved by the mission.
Funds of the Mission and Accounts
  • Grants made by or through Govt. of India or State Govt.
  • All money received by way grant,transter or in any other manner from any source other than they source of Govt.
  • Loans that may be raised by the Mission and
  • Donation received from donor agencies.
The Annual budget will show the estimated recipts and expenditure, Which would Approved by the Governing Body of the Mission.
Management of Fund.
All money credited to the funds of the Mission shall be deposited in one or more Band Accounts of nationalized band at Patna The accounts would be operated by cheques jointly by the Chairman, EB & Member Secretary,EB.
Accounts and Audit
  • The Accounts of the Mission shall be maintained in double entry book. Keeping system with the following minimum books of Accounts & records.
    • Cash Book
    • Bank Book
    • General Ledger
    • Journal Register
    • Bank Draft/Cheque receipt register
    • Cheque issue register
    • Any other register as would be prescribed by mission
    • The accounts of the Mission shall be audited annually by a reputed firm of Chartered Accountants appointed by the Member Secretary on behalf of the mission.
    • Utilization Certificates (Ucs) shall be furnished against grants from GOI, GoO and donor agencies with audited statements of accounts.
All orders and decisions of the mission shal be authenticated by the signature of the        Member Secretary of the Governing Body and all other papers/ documents shall be        authenticated by the signature of the Members Secretary of the Executive Body.
Directions of Central / State Government.
The Mission shall carry out such directions as may be issued to it from time to time by the Government of India or State Government. It shall furnished to the Govt. of India or the State Govt. such reports, returns and other information as may be required by them from time to time.
General / Legal Action
(i)  The mission may sue or may be sued in the name of the Member Secretary. (ii) The income & property of the       mission derived, shall be applied towards the promotion of the objectives there-of, subject nevertheless to       financial discipline in respects of the expenditure of grants imposed by the central Government from time to       time. (iii) In the event of winding up or dissolution of the mission and after satisfactory setting of its liabilities,       all remaining assets shall not be paid to or distributed among with the Members or any of them but shall be       disposed in such manner as the state Govt. may determine.
Staffing Pattern.
The Governing body of the Mission shall have full powers to engage permanent or temporary employees by direct recruitment, on deputation from govt and specialized agenciesby contract for a specific period. It can also engage consultants for specific assignments.
External Evaluation
The GoI/ State Govt. may conduct external evaluation of the Mission performance as and when felt necessary through such agencies as deemed appropriate.
Dissolution of the Mission
(i) The Mission may be dissolved by a resolution of not less than three-fifths of the members of the society after       obtaining the concurrence of the Govt. (ii) Upon dissolution the assests, funds of the Mission shall be       `transferred to the State Govt.
Amendment in Rules & Regulations of the Mission.
The executive Body will have all the Powers to amend the Rules & Regulations of the Bihar State Water & sanitation Mission, with the approval of Apex Committee.
(1) Certified that there is no other organization existing in the similar name and style “Bihar State Water and       Sanitation Mission” (BSWSM) in the State of Bihar. (2) Certified that this is the true and correct copy of       Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation of the Mission. (3) Certified that all matters shall be       guided under the provision of society registration act, 1860 with amendments thereon.
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