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       Water Quality in the Rural Drinking Water Supply has emerged as a major issue. There was no proper emphasis on water quality till the end of the 6th Five Year Plan and even in the Seventh Plan before launching the National Drinking Water Mission in 1986.

       The primary objectives of the National Drinking Water Mission set up in 1986 was to improve the performance and cost effectiveness of the on-going programmes in the field of rural drinking water supply and to ensure the availability of an adequate quantity of drinking water of acceptable quality on a long term basis.

       The primary objectives of the Mission included monitoring the quality of water after identification of problems, tackling the same by the application of science and technology to ensure that the water available is of acceptable quality and ensure that the quantity and quality of water is sustainable on a long term basis by proper water management technique and implementations of management information system.

The secondary objectives of the Mission included survey of various kinds of

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