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In a demand driven and community based programmes, effective and creative communication, and properly developed capacity of individual staff, stakeholders and institutions play crucial role in their success. Both Swajaldhara and TSC lay greater emphasis on use of IEC and HRD to generate demand, awareness and participation in water and sanitation programmes. Adequate funds have also been provisioned for these purposes but so far IEC and HRD have been implemented in ad hoc and sporadic manner across the country. In some places, results have been good and some place not so satisfactory in the absence of clear strategy, plan of action, modules, and untargeted resources centers which can help in proper implementation. It is, therefore, realized that for the development of communication tools and modules and implementation of the water and sanitation programme in the reform mode at the grassroots level requires adequate specialized human resources at various levels. This way, Communication and Capacity Development (CCD) Unit has been designed and proposed to be implemented in each State. The guidelines of CCDU have now been revised and circulated to all states.



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